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You Will Remember This Year Forever - Pisces 2020

You Will Remember This Year Forever

Pisces.  I hope you are well and this will be your reading in 2020. I am sorry that it took a while to write this. You know, holiday season can be busy for everyone, including readers. I've been busy with clients. So here I am. You are receiving this before the New Year's Eve, for sure. OK. So let's start. This isn't going to be a month by month reading. It's going to be a general overview, the beginning of the year, the middle of the year and the end of the year. And I'm also going to use La Naumann cards at the very end.

All right. So let's start, guys. Pisces. What can Pisces? You just got a Navy SEAL once and this is gonna be your first card. What can prices expect to happen in twenty twenty?

So far I'm loving it. Okay. 9F pentacle is at the bottom of the deck. Guys, this is beautiful. For those of you that have been searching for stability, financial stability, I want to say this could be a very, very good year for you financially. I am Pisces ascendent. So this I can relate to this reading, right? I'm always looking for financial stability, obviously like we all and with 9F tentacles here, you could very well get not stable, but like you could get into a certain routine. For example, you could get a certain job, you could find a way to either generate your income in a little bit of a different way, to get a new source of income, to get a second source of income. There is a way for you to expand financially. Now, also, if your finances have been it been fine this whole time and you're not really complaining. This could suggest you feeling independent throughout the year. You know, sometimes we kind of as humans do depend on somebody else for a certain thing. Right. For some of us, this could be financial. You depending financially on someone. For others, this could be maybe depending on relationship wise, you know, emotions. But in this particular spread, I'm seeing that you are going to gain some kind of independence, whether it's financial or not, whether it's in your relationships or not. You're going to feel free and nine offensive goals. I mean, what else is could you possibly get? It's amazing. You know, I'm really, really happy to see it at the bottom of the deck. This is your overall energy of the year now with Aissa ones as the first card here that fell out of the deck. I had to pick it up. Aissa Ones is an exciting new start and exciting new beginning. And it starts out very quickly. I want to say maybe January, February, OK. This is something that comes around unexpectedly, just like that, quickly, out of nowhere, out of the blue. And let's see what it is about.

So why is a so once here could be an opportunity. It could be an idea, could be a person.

This is something that you've been desiring to, but things were very. That's so cool. Look, you do have the hangmen and temperance that would suggest stagnation. Temperance is a wonderful card. Temperance is a card where things are calm and stable and normal. But for those of us that want changes, that want significant changes, temperance is not the best card. For those of us that want a stable situation where there are no surprises, there are no crazy changes, then it's a good card. So it all depends on you. However, in this particular case, it does seem like things were somewhat stagnant for a little while. There might there might be stagnant right now. And you're waiting you're waiting for something new to come around. You're waiting for a situation to change. And here we have six of swords and six are ones movement, movement and progress. If you have been working around people, especially if you have management, if you have authorities over you, this could suggest that they will finally recognize you. OK, they will finally pay attention to all the effort that you've been putting in your work, that you've been putting in your. Whatever you do write studies. Maybe if you're a college student with six of swords, there is finally a shift. There is finally movement from that one particular. Pause that your life was on. Right. And it's moving forward. Sorry that my English is really crappy right now.

I've written a lot of articles. I'm, you know, by the end of it. It's hard to talk. Readers do talk a lot like we make our money with a voice, you know? So, yes. And with six of swords, there is finally a shift and there is finally movement here that a lot of biases have been desiring. I'm really happy to see this shift and it's going to happen relatively soon. You know, this is the beginning of the year that I'm looking at. So you could maybe expected this winter. Finally, things are shifting. You're noticing a change now. The next card I have here is the start. I'm telling you, this is such an amazing spread. The star is finally reaching a goal that used to feel like it's so distant and so far away from you. It's so close, yet so far, you know, it's unachievable. The star is that type of energy. You know, it's like we see something we want. We see something we like. But all we can do is just look at, you know what I mean? But we can't touch it. The star could be a shift closer to your goal, shift closer to your desire to your wish. So why is the star here also a very healing card as well? It's about opportunities in the material world. OK. Let's just put it that way, because we do have three offensive goals.

The devil here would you have Nigel wants so much fear here. Karma page offensive goals. There is so much fear regarding this. And so you feel like you're not worthy of it or you feel just fearful moving forward. You know, maybe it's out of your comfort zone. There is something some kind of fear attached to it. But it you shouldn't really fear this. This is sometimes, you know, there is a saying, be careful what you wish for. I think, you know, and this could be one of those cases because there is fear attached to this goal. And this could be maybe you're getting really close to this goal and realizing that it's almost there and having a fear like was I sure that this was you know, am I sure that this is something that I truly want? That's for some of you, not for all of you. For others, this could be fear that you would never get to that goal. Right. So it's going to be different for everyone, but you will have an opportunity. I feel like it is somehow connected to this opportunity that's coming around this winter here with Nigel. Once something is rushing into your life, it could be someone rushing into your life either with some kind of proposition, with some kind of an idea, with an opportunity.

Please take it because it's very good. It's going to be very significant. And it's actually something very important and karmic predestined here with the judgment. This is a situation that you will not be able to avoid. OK. And it is connected to something that you want. It is connected to the distant wish that maybe you couldn't maybe that you had a hard time reaching for a very long time before years. It's finally happening. And I want to say is going to happen towards summer, finally happening. There will be support from others. So this particular situation, this idea, this opportunity will come from someone else. OK. Maybe multiple people and maybe one person. My advice to you is to socialize and make friends and make connections in 2020. OK. Also, for those that are Pisces rising, we will have Jupiter in our eleventh house, as far as I know. And you know, that's expanding your social circles. That's making new connections. That that's networking, that socializing, you know. Be sure to do that. And I know how hard it is for Pisces. Sometimes we're not the most sociable side. But we should, you know, because this is where this opportunity is going to come around. It's not just going to fall on you out of the sky. It will come from a person or people in a certain group. OK. So please watch out for that towards summer.


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