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Workplace Drama Brings Unexpected Blessings!

Workplace Drama Brings Unexpected Blessings!

He points these folks who are fiston. This is reading from now I'm a bit late, I know, to January the 12th. As I was asking you if you like this reading, please like subscribe or leave a comment if you'd like to. So I'm going to start you're reading right now. I'm late, but it's here. So the false card you have you passed is the nine particles. So, yeah, this is interesting because this woman looks as if she's just relaxing. She's resting. She's in a garden and she doesn't have any worries, all that kind of thing. But I'm actually seeing something quite different here. I'm seeing determination thriving to get to a certain point, to get to a point in your life, to get to a goal. And I think this is the goal. You know, she's not striving. She's not determined, but she probably has been determined to get herself to this place. So. And that's where you are, you want to get to this place, you want to have this freedom and you're doing this all by yourself. This woman's very, very independent and she has money around her, obviously. So I think you're really making an effort to get yourself into a position where you had the freedom to make some kind of lifestyle choice. And I'm seeing a few different things with this choice. I'm seeing a word choice. So it might be that you had a business with some or you wanted to have a business or something. It's all about freedom. So living where you wanted to live, I'm seeing that as well, living in a place that you want to be and coinciding with the kind of work that you want to have. And I think that might be not working for someone else, but walking by yourself.

So you've got this freedom in your mind of a certain place you want to be in a certain way, you want to have your work, and then you feel as if you'll be like this woman on this card. So that's what I'm seeing. Yeah. And I'm actually seeing a home. I'm seeing a home here. So this is somewhere I think you really want to be settled eventually. That's one of your goals to be in this home that you're really looking toward. And yeah, you're not where you want to be right now. It's it's OK. It's like your job and your home and all of that. It's O K, but it's not. We ultimately want to be. And I think you've got a really, really strong picture in your mind, a very, very strong picture of this place that you want to be in. Yeah. It's it's it's like I'm seeing you searching for similar things or this kind of thing you want online. You know, looking at pictures, you might be on Pinterest, pinning things, you know, things that are like the lifestyle that you want if you're doing that. Keep on doing that, because that's a bit like a vision board. A lot of people use Pinterest like that. And even looking at them and thinking about them, that kind of reinforces your goals for you. So if you're doing all of that, keep on doing that. Now, I think also financially, you're saving a lot. You're making a lot of very sensible choices to get to where you want to go. And I actually think you could get there sooner than you are. But.

You don't want to do that.

You know, you could be doing things like taking out loans or making all these kinds of compromises, and you don't want to do that. You want to get to this goal in the right way. You want to get that. It's like you're taking the long road. You're taking a road that's going to be better for you later on. If you do the hard work now, it will be easier later on. That's the whole feeling I'm getting in this car. It'll be like the woman on this card later on.

Yeah, and I think you've got a very, very unique sense of where you want to be. So you're home that you're thinking about. I think is your dream home. Is is quite unique. And I think the kind of walk that you want to do is also very unique. So you're very, very different in that way and you don't care what other people think of you. It's not like you're really rude and you say, I don't care what you think. It's not like that. It's more like you just you just peaceful. You do your own thing. And if people want to tell you what to do or whatever, you just don't really listen. I think also I'm getting another thing here, as you might have turned off a lot of social media. Not everything, but a lot of voices that are coming in that you don't like that are kind of interfering because I'm seeing this kind of channel in your mind and you don't want other channels coming in interfering with that. So you've turned a lot of that off so that you have that space in your head to be able to do this goal or to get to the school, I should say. And you feel really, really strong. This feels really strong, but also peaceful at the same time. Really nice.

There's a bit of a split here as well that I'm seeing.

It feels like a religious difference and I'm seeing a split between you and where you were brought up. So it might be that your family has a kind of religious idea and now you have a very separate spiritual idea from where you were. Because if you look at this card, there's a house just it's just on the right hand corner where that tree is on the right hand side. There's a house there. So she has a back to her original home. Where she was and I'm seeing religion here, because there are true to trees here, which kind of symbolize the Garden of Eden, you the the tree of life in the tree of knowledge. So you've walked I'm not saying you've walked away from Lyd religion, but I think you've walked away from your family's original idea of what that is, your concept of that and their concept of that. So I think there's still a little bit of tension between you and your family when you have conversations with them, a little bit of awkwardness, polite awkwardness. You know, they're not bad people. You're just different people now. And so, you know, you have conversations about other things. But when it comes to that subject, I think you just politely don't say very much so. So that's what I'm getting in that card. Okay. So the next card you have, you pass the four of swords. This whole thing feels very peaceful, look at this man resting. Very peaceful. It just feels like I'm in my own bubble. I make my own choices. I'm peaceful. Yeah. So there's someone else I'm seeing here who comes in and out of your life of that. And I think this is an axe. Now, I'm not feeling any tension around that either. It's really strange. I think there was once there was a lot of tension around them.

But now it's it's like, no, I'm I'm making sure there's no tension. So this was something you were doing on purpose, you're saying, no, I'm not going to let any tension happen between us. Maybe you have children with them. So you don't want to have tension there. You're doing everything you can to be as peaceful as you can, and you've gotten over the worst with them. You're quite settled when you see them now. And that's all down to you. This is the way that you've managed things, I think. Lots of peace here. Really, really nice. And I'm either a bit annoying sometimes, and that bothers you because you're really well organized. And I think they say, oh, we'll be there at that time. I'll do this at this time. I'll bring this to you at this time or I'll talk to you about this. And it never happens. The dates never happen. Ever. I think when you're with them, it also it was also very much like that. I think you might have actually said to them, oh, I'll be there this time. And it was earlier than when you going to be there. So they get there on time. I think it did have to trick them a few times to get them to be on time anyway. Yes. So they're a bit annoying. That's still annoying. But they don't bother you because you're in this little bubble. You're in this little bubble. You're not stressed by things. So really, really, really nice to see. OK, so the last card you have, your pulse, the queen of cops. Yeah, more peace. This energy is so low key, I have to say, really beautiful, low key reading. It feels so peaceful.

Okay, so yeah, this one around you. I've seen work here. Actually, I've seen a lot of.

I have to say, I'm seeing a lot of work in this whole reading. So I think it's going to be very work later on. I can feel this. I think it might be something that this is starting. So it's starting here. It's going into work. So just prepare for that work reading. I don't mean that, but it's it's I'm I'm getting this feeling that there's work. So there's work here.

And there might be someone in your workplace, I think, who they're trying to be around you. They're trying to be in your presence. That's what I'm seeing now. I think you probably see them as a friend or just a colleague or something. You've spoken to them a few times. I think there is a little bit of a spark there. I think you know that I think you can feel that. But, you know, unless they're going to talk to you, unless they come and say something to you. I don't think anything is going to happen between you. I think you're a bit wary of workplace relationships anyway. But. They're not being clear about how they feel. It's not obvious to you that they're interested. There's a spark and you can feel that. But that's in the atmosphere. It's not them saying anything. And, you know, I think you've had a relationship in the past, maybe in your last relationship, maybe with this ex made with someone else where you put everything into this, you put all the walk in. You made the first moves. You texted them fast. You called them fast. You organized everything. You did everything. And they didn't step up. They didn't meet you halfway. I'm surprised the phone listened to her, actually. I'm seeing that word fool. So I think you ended up feeling a bit like you were a bit of a fool.

You want. But that's how you felt. I think that made you feel like such a fool. I do everything for this person and they don't do anything. So now I think you're just really careful. You make sure anyone who's interested in you or you're interested in them, whatever it is. They have to be a hundred percent clear to you that they're interested and they have to be showing you that as well. Actions, not words. Someone gave you a lot of words. Oh, I love you. I'll never hurt you. This thought the other thing, of course, they did the opposite. So you don't want what you want. Action. And at the moment, they're not coming forward. They're not giving it this action. They're not making their feelings known to this queen. She's the queen of emotion. She's. She's the queen of feelings. So they've got feelings for you. But they're just not saying anything. And if you look at this queen, she's starring into this cop, where the water is, where the emotions are, but there's a lid on the top, the cop. So she's keeping a lid on things. She's keeping a lid on how she feels very, very frustrating because there are definitely feelings that but nothing's happening. And you're not going to do anything unless they're really, really, really clear because you've been burned like this before. So, like, yes, I know the sparks that I know the feelings of that, but I want someone to come forward to me.

I'm sick of being the person who always comes forward, who always does everything. And yeah, there's a barrier around you as well. I think there's all this independence with the nine tentacles. And I think really I'm getting this feeling that you really, really want to be alone right now deep down, not forever, but just right now. I think it'd have to be really, really special person who came into your life before you even think about a relationship. You are going to have one eventually. Obviously, this is if you're single, but at this time you really just go focus. I think that's where you are right now. OK, so the folks card you have you present is the night of sorts. OK, this breaks the piece and of the peaceful reading. OK, not really, but. Yeah. OK. So I'm seeing a few things here. OK. So this is work again. Work here. Now, there's some frustration here around your work because I think ultimately, again, I'm seeing this in the line of tentacles. You don't want to be doing what you're doing forever. So you've got this goal of like moving on from your workplace eventually to walk on your own. And there's this idea of I'm going to live somewhere else. I'm going to live in a completely different place.

And I'm going to work for myself. I'm going to have this total freedom at the end of all of this. And I think you while you are going to have that, but I think you've got this idea of, OK, I'll stay where I am in this workplace. I'm not going to get any all the jobs after this. I'm just gonna stay here, put my head down, do my work, then I'm going to finish that and I'm going to leap out on my own and do something else. The feeling I'm getting here is you might have to have another job, one more job after this one before you branch out into something else. I'm just getting that feeling here. Now. Yeah, there's a bit of a warning here as well. Yeah. There's a shakeup coming around your work and maybe that's why I'm getting this. It won't affect you directly. I'm not seeing that. There's a lot of trouble here. Someone's in trouble or someone's going to be in trouble in your workplace. Someone's going to be asked to leave. I think. Or they're going to end up leaving by themselves. Something's going to come to light about this person in your workplace. But that's what I'm seeing. Maybe this is already come to light. As far as, you know, the people who are in charge. No, but I don't think everyone else knows. If they do, it's it's probably not out in the open yet.

There's definitely an accusation here and. Yeah, I'm getting this really clearly now, I can see this now. There's an accusation against someone in your workplace and they're going to refute the accusation. There's a lot of anger here. So they're very angry that they're that they're being accused of this. Look at this night, he's so angry and they go to fight this to the end as well. Just like this night. Yeah. This is someone you know, this is someone you see around your workplace all the time. And then one day they're not going to be there because there's an investigation that's going to happen. That's what I'm seeing as an investigation. You've got the justice court here as well. So talk about that here now. So whoever this says. They're not going to leave. They're going to fight this soon. Keep on fighting, they're not going down without a fight. I'm definitely seeing some kind of litigation here. And it's going to be a bit drawn out, I think, because they're not going to you know, I think they might be offered things. I think they might be saying, nope, close this down now. Stop this fight now. And they're going to say, no, no, no, I'm going to let this go round. I'm going to keep on fighting, fighting, fighting and. I don't think you're going to be able to speak to this person for a long, long time.

Maybe not ever directly, because there's some kind of restriction on them talking to everyone else in the workplace. I think they're going to have to go home, be home and not talk to anyone because of this litigation. But you're going to know who this is because they won't be there. And yeah, things are going to be shuffled around as well in your workplace or people are I should say, positions are going to change and things are going to feel really different. Yeah, they're going to feel quite uneasy because there's all this talk around this. People are going to be sure what's going on. Just be careful not to listen to too much of this talk, because a lot of these people are going to be talking, but they won't know anything. They won't know what the official story is because there isn't one. So anyway, you just just get ready. Just get ready for a lot of changes in your workplace. And it's due to this person who's done something wrong. And this is investigation very, very clear. I can see that very clearly. Okay. So the last card you have, your presence, the six tentacles. Okay. So, yeah, this is about the same thing again. Whatever this is about, obviously there's money here, the center of this with this court. And this calls about unfairness around money or perceived unfairness.


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