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Time to Let it Go

Time to Let it Go

Happy New Year to everyone. And a bit late, but I stroke my neck so I couldn't move for a couple of days. So that was really, really painful. But I'm a bit better now.

So let's just see what we've got going on for you guys. Forward. He said she said spread. I will have an extended meeting with more guidance so you can go and check it out if you want afterwards. So let's go ahead and get started. I'm getting a feeling that you guys are nervous about some kind of a decision. All right. And that could be work related or family related. There could be love related. All right. And I'm also getting the feeling that you and I love you in a love situation. You've been having a lot of obstacles with this connection. And it seems to me that you both are overcoming these obstacles. All right. It could have been a lot of tests. All right. Or you may be tested. Your commitment to this relationship is being tested at this point. All right. A lot of things are falling apart so that new things can come in for you. So let's just go ahead and see what the cars are going to say about that. So let's see what is the past energy.

Well, see, I told you, this is a tower in the reverse. Like that. Exactly. The energy that I was trying to tell you, that could have been a lot of disruptions. All right. Could have been trying to avoid making some kind of a decision. There could have been a lot of ego in this commitment or, you know, making decisions out of ego, not wanting to, you know, reveal your true self. All right. But it's it's time.

It's time for you to open up. It's time to collapse that ego, whatever is on your side or their side. There has been definitely some kind of a mask that has been worn either by you or the other person.

All right.

And the queen of cups in a reverse seat. This is not wanting to reveal your inner your inner feelings. Some of you may be definitely trying to get out of a situation that is not based on love anymore or was based on a lot of deception or a lot of lies or some kind of a you know, there hasn't been definitely a lot of things revealed to you in terms of someone's ego, and you're not really happy with that. You got the queen of cups in the reverse. So you're not feeling emotionally supported is what I feel from this energy. You do have the queen, a waltz here at the bottom of the deck.

So some of you may be dealing with Scorpio, a Pisces or a Sagittarius, Eruzione, a Leo. But you're getting your confidence back. All right. Whatever happened in the past, you are ready to release that and not wanting to give it too much attention. All right. So let's see what else we've got going on. This is being very close, emotionally closed off to love. But that was the past, though. There might have been some you know, you may have not been listening to your intuition in the past and not listening to your intuition has brought you a lot of troubles.

So let's see, what is the other person going on? What's going on with the other person, please?

Wow. OK. We've got nine assaulters, the four of Pensacola's and the string caught in the reverse. So what this means is that someone here has been holding on to a lot of fear are doomed based mentality. That could be also you could video the person that someone was keeping allowed their worries inside, not revealing them, not expressing them, holding things back for some of you, if you are in a relationship, this person may have been trying to, you know, not wanting to spend time or money or energy on the situation because they were. How do I say this? Like because they were trying to save up for something, that they were feeling very stressed out about string theory and the reverse could be dealing with a LEO.

This is Bo talking about some kind of an ego like that could have been some kind of an ego battle between both of you. But I feel like both of you are overcoming that. OK. This is a good pass kind of energy. There is a lot of happiness that is about to come in for you. It's what I'm feeling.

But the person that you're dealing with has a lot of worries. How has a lot of stress about either a financial situation or they're just holding back because they don't want you to know about what they truly feel inside. But it's not going to take a long time. It's what I feel. They also have a big weakness towards you. This is what I feel. You've got the Peter ones and the nine of clubs, Pisces.

And it took a while to see it. There is some kind of a decision that you need to make it you're not very happy about. There is like a lack of fulfillment when it comes to some kind of a new path that you need to take. All right. Or you may be fearful that you're going to receive some bad, bad news about this new opportunity or does new Pat.

That is coming up.

All right. And Spirit is telling you to make a bold decision about this. All right. Maybe express your your desires or express your instability emotionally, because there is a lack of communication. There's a lack of you communicating your true feelings and your true desires. And you need to make a bold decision and take action on that and really do express what you would you expect what you are dreaming of, what you wish for from this other person. And I feel like there is a black an in you expressing your needs, you expressing your emotions, you expressing what you wish for or which direction you want to go to worst to.

So in this connection is what I'm getting will get again, the temperatures talk here. So there is a lot of patience that was required within this connection. All right.

Wow. All right. So we've got the moon reverse, the sun reverse, and a tenant wants Weaver's.

The person that you're dealing with is not really in a happy state. I feel like they have a lot on the plate that they're not telling you about. They are keeping a lot of things hidden from you that should be brought up to the light so that it could be, you know, a relief for them. But I feel like both of you you're at your emotional energies are completely shut off from one another and also feel like you both can be both of you or one of you is constantly manifesting out of lack position or like thinking of the worst case scenario that could happen or like, well, if I do this, then perhaps this would happen.

Then you make like the worst case scenario in your head, and that's what both of you need to release. All right. You both have so powerful that now I don't want that. Needs a lot of like high energy.

I like positive energy, like high vibration and needing to manifest from a high, high vibration here.

I strongly feel there is a Leo around. All right.

What is a blockage for prices of these type of force in the reverse and the Death Guard? Why? What's going on? Prices stories in the reverse. And the death guard is your blockage.

So you're not releasing something that happened in the past. That's why you keep on having these feelings of like this is not this is going to feel like I feel like this is a sense of feeling that there is going to be a failure and then manifesting that failure. All right. You needing to surrender to some kind of an ending or some kind of betrayal, but you don't want to you're resisting change or resisting to close out the parts. You are resisting to not go through the changes. All right. Or not open up a new cycle in your life. There is something that you keep on holding on to. Together with this individual. And it could be definitely the way that things have passed by in the past or and in the past. Like you can seem to get over that pain or you can't seem to get over D'Abbs hurt. That has cost you. All right. For some, I do also get that there could have been. You know, a real that that has occurred in one of your, you know, with someone you dearly nearly love and you feel like there is some kind of an unfinished business, you can't accept that that person passed by in that kind of ways. What I'm getting as well, I'm sorry if that's the case, but that's really what I'm getting through. All right.

But you you're resisting to release some aspects of yourself, perhaps not wanting to express your emotions or not wanting to make a bold decision or not expressing your desires. All right.

Or not being able to go after what you truly want. Maybe you being pushed by other people to do what they want you to do. And you're getting in this mood of like, how can I make that change if I'm being pushed in all directions?

It could have been and it could be it could be having to do with your stability, your home life, a new house or a new property or super storm, you could have been, you know.

I don't know, someone could have been telling you like you need to get out and a certain amount of time and you're very stressed out about that.

Like, that's what I'm seeing here. That's just for a small portion of you.

But for some, you need to sell a property or sell a house that you don't want to sell. And you're like, no, I don't want to because I have a lot of memories here.

And it is being pushed, you know, like you need to or there is some kind of an obligation to do that.

That's for some of you. What is the blockage for this person? Yeah. See, there's justice here.

See, I told you something about contracts could be like a house contract.

All right.

And the Empress reversed. So someone feels in this connection that they're not getting what they have been putting to this energy. All right. Get the justice. Reverse with the emperor's reverse. And I feel like this person lacks some kind of a confidence in this connection as well. And I feel like you both are instigating one another, gaslighting each other, if that's the case. Like you don't have any hopes for the future. You don't feel secure to express your desires or to make a bold move or to express how you truly feel.

And the same thing goes for this individual.

That could be also a miscarriage that has been going on for some of you. I'm sorry if that's the case for others of you. I feel that it could be a mother that has been, you know, involved in this connection that is forcing something onto the other person, as in like you need to get married or you need to sign a contract or you can live together if you are not married. That kind of situation could be definitely also what I'm seeing is what I'm seeing here.

So a lot of specific information here.

So let's go ahead and see what your hopes are. Pisces.

Several was in the form of Pentecost, reversed. So this is definitely you wanting to stand up for yourself, wanting to say like, no, you can't just like, you know, dog me around or you can just, you know, ask so much for me or you don't want whatever it is that someone is pushing on you.

That's what I'm getting. Very, very, very. That's what I'm getting. You know, you feel the need to block people out. You feel the need to say no and to protect your energy, to protect your boundaries. All right. But you feel stuck. You feel stuck. And I don't get what.

What the issue is exactly for you, but you just feel stuck. You feel like things are not changing. You feel like everyone is just pushing their opinions on you and tell you what to do. And it's. And I feel like it's trust in both of you.

What is their hopes?

I was with the 7 of cups reverse both through, so the person that you're dealing with does not want to make any fuss anymore about it.

They don't want to fight with you. They don't want to argue with you. They just want to know what is going on. All right. With several cups in reverse. They may know that you have different options or different obligations that you need to attend to or, you know, respect. All right. But they don't want to fight to be an option. I like they don't want to fight if they are an option to you. Like it needs to be, you know, Free Willy, so to speak.

That's what I'm getting through. So I'm getting very much to says that you are being pushed by either your family or people around you to take a path that you are not very happy about. But at the same time, the person that you're dealing with is kind of like a word. And they could be an option and they don't want to be an option or they don't want to fight for your attention for them to choose or pick pick them. You get what I mean? Like that's kind of like the energy that I'm getting very, very all of. Let me see what is going on in your outside.

Outside influence for Casey, please, outside influence for Pisces?

Yeah. Three of clubs, six of clubs, rivers and the nine Pinnacles.

Paul Krugman is the star.

All right. So there's definitely some I feel like there is a reunion that is going to come up for you guys.

All right. There is definitely a third party situation going on here, that is. Not a part of this whole thing that is going on. All right. Someone here wants to reunite with you, but they feel like there is a big distance between both of you. I feel with the six of cups in the reverse, there is a lot of bad memories, bad thoughts about how you both are going to come back together.

I feel like there is a lack of confidence sometimes, but they still keep a lot of hope of faith in the situation to make things work. But somehow, each and every time you both try things up, it just feels all right.

There is a there is a energy of like feeling all right. And that could be because someone is just still holding on to past traumas or past energies.

All right. There is definitely a need for both of you to release the past so that you could move on to the next chapter of your life. That's what I'm getting here.

What is that?

Yeah. Wow. Again, the queen of cups and the 9F tentacles.

So I also get the feeling that both of you want to maintain your independence here or maintain to stay single for as long as you can. I feel like both of you want to accomplish a lot of things financially before you can make a next step. The person that you're dealing with, they do have also the queen of cups here. So I feel like they they they respect your boundaries. They respect your need for privacy is what I'm getting because I feel like you give them an energy of like, OK, you need to leave me alone for a minute because I get things to figure out about my future, about my path.

Through your walls and rivers, and that's why they don't put a lot of energy in it. And I feel like they are most definitely also trying to release some of the past issues or some of their obligations. And I don't feel like they're in a much happy place. I feel like you both are kind of like marrying each other here. And I don't think that they want to put the extra effort in if they don't get any, you know, any contact from your any, you know, curiosity from your side. So they are kind of like waiting for you to show your interest towards them.

And if not, I feel like you are going to respect your own boundaries and close yourself a little bit off and try to let go of what you need to let go of and definitely start to surrender to this and then or start to surrender to this release that is going on in your life.

All right. King was in the reverse. They're not very happy. I feel like they are very hesitant. They were very hesitant to take action towards you. But at this point, I feel like they are taking a step back and they're focusing on, you know, maintaining their own emotional state, maintaining their own independence and focus on their finances at this point is what I'm getting. Let me just pull a cart for you guys and see what is going on.

The answers you need are coming and nothing will come out of this situation. Wow. Communication. The answers you need are coming full moon in Gemini and avoid, of course, moon. So whatever it is is that you're holding on to and it does not have to be a relationship that you need to hold on to. There is something that you need to really let go.

Like you're focusing your energy on the wrong direction and nothing will come out of it. It says so try to communicate maybe that, you know, you don't want this relationship and that you don't see it going anywhere. So you don't string anyone along or as the other person that you need to read between the lines with and understand that if they don't communicate clearly and it has been going on for a long time on this, that nothing will come out of the situation anymore. Is what I'm getting.

So that's quite heavy for you. Pisces.

So someone needs to communicate that this relationship is not going to work out. Yeah, and there needs to be an acceptance. Either you need to accept that this relationship is not going to work out or they need to accept that it is not going to work out for the best.

That's what I'm getting. I'm sorry. Maybe I'm Pisces though, was quite a tough reading, but I feel like you are the one that is.

That is not willing to proceed. Or it could be both of you understanding that it is not going to happen. And it's time for both of you to accept that. So I'm so sorry for this energy reading.

I hope this gave you enough information and I will continue and see what else we got going on. Definitely will focus on this. Nothing will come out of this situation since it was quite a dragging reading here. And this card coming out does not make it very prominent. And definitely with this release in the death card in the town of sors in your blockage. Feels like you're holding on to something that has been dead and gone and is like over and done with. But you still keep on with this ego in this tower card. You keep on going back to something that is not emotionally fulfilling you. And it's time for you to make a bold decision towards your past, towards your path forward is what I'm seeing here.

Pacey's. I'm so sorry. I hope this reading isn't reading does not apply to you. Just skip it. It can always apply to everyone out there. But for those who really needed this message, I'm sure that this was exactly the message that you needed to hear. So I am going to continue and see what else we got going on. It was a heavy reading and I'll see you guys later.


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