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The End Of Loneliness!

The End Of Loneliness!

Hi, Pisces, and welcome to your Venus Love Reading. This is for Pisces sons and Pisces of Venus's Pisces. Venus is moving into your sign on January 13th and she will remain there until about February 6th. So you guys are going to fill this the strongest. Venus is moving through to really awaken us in regards to love and romance. But bringing us to the completion of things, of understanding, of cycles, of relationships, of, you know, everything we've been working on over the last year romantically. It's time for the completions of those things. And for some of us, that means we're finally able to get over and let the past go to open ourself up to new love for others of us, you know, and especially those of you who are in committed relationships. It's, you know, where you are completing different life lessons you've been working on and, you know, clearing that, completing that so that you guys can evolve into a stronger version of yourselves and your love.

So let's see exactly how Venus is coming in. For you guys in regards to your love and romantic matters. She is definitely impacting you. Each sign a little differently. So I'm very curious, Pacey. This is what she is going to do to you guys.

And we also have Mars in Sagittarius, which is bringing forth the deep soul understanding. OK. So change your habits. And that's under Venus and under Mars. Heal your wounds by Veuve. OK. So whether you are single or you are in a relationship. Venus is going to point out to you all the things in which you need to improve within yourself like different things. You need to let go of different perceptions. You might need to come into play. Maybe you need to take better care of yourself. You know, there's different things about you that she's going to bring to your attention. And it's for you to work on for the betterment of yourself as you transition into this new version of who you are really leaving the negative energy behind. Also healing your wounds. The understanding that Mars is going to bring into your reality about your relationship or certain things that didn't work out or why certain things happened the way they did that really hurt you and damaged you. That understanding finally coming to you so you can heal, released, let go and move on. And as you heal those wounds, certain things like cycles, you were going through patterns of behavior, you know, habits. That's going to start falling away. It's no longer going to be who you are because once you're healed, you, you know, transform into a new version of yourself and what you used to like, what you used to do, coping mechanisms, all those things. It shifts and it changes. So Pisces, you guys are really becoming a new version of yourself, especially you singles out there, because I feel like 20/20 is your year too aligned to a soulmate. I've been seeing that throughout the readings and you're my last reading. Those of you in committed relationships, you know, healing your wounds and changing your habits. This to me, this fight, Pisces, transit, Venus, Pisces transit is about all the things within your relationship that do need to go and do need to shift for you guys to become closer and continue your journey as partners in this life. Romantic partners in this life.

And it's like healing of forgiving the past. All right. Let's pull some more energy from Venus.

Sunglasses, watching, looking, stalking, glass, lighting, perception, focusing out Pisces.

Some of you, this is about the perception. As we heal, we see ourself in a different light and we realize the things that we need to change and improve about ourselves for our own happiness and highest good, but also Pisces. You know, somebody who hurt you in the past is still watching from afar. So we'll see how that plays out. The butterfly relationship evolving to the next phase, healing the inner child growth. Nice to see those of you in committed relationships. There you go. It's time to overcome, you know, the challenges and patterns and cycles of your relationship because you guys have, you know, done the work. You've cleared the karma. And so now it's time to evolve into a different version of yourself as well as relationship. And that stuff that used to impact you won't impact you any more, you guys or somebody else. Also, singles, it is time for love to come in.

Yes. Yes. Look at that. By.

Wedding rings. Union. Wedding. Married. It's so connection. Eternal love. Everlasting promises. Some Pisces may be celebrating their wedding anniversary during this Venus transit. Others have you because of this energy and the way we're working and healing and purging and transitioning it to new version. We are taking the next level in our relationship. Is that moving in together? Is that finally getting engaged, getting married? Is that getting officially committed with each other? If there's going to the next step and we're shedding the negative, the, you know, stuff that we would do that was that positive for the relationship or for ourself? Venus bringing that to light. And because of all the evolution that's taking place, able to purge it, resolve it, leave it in the past and move on into new version. Go to the next level within the partnership. Those of you who are already married. This is the deepening of your love. And with Mars bringing that understanding and that healing in. Finally, things you guys were fighting about or couldn't see eye to eye. You're able to leave it in the past. Singles Pisces 20 20. It's all about love and soulmates. I'm telling you.

Ok, let's see what else Mars would like to add. Well, he's not adding all of that. I'm just that to me is like you. So if you are going to be shocked about this romance, some of you may have been single for a very, very long time. Working on a lot of soul growth and evolution in the hermit space, not being able to really find romance to save your life. It's because there was a lot that had to be healed within you. And as Venus moves through Pisces, it's the completion of all of that.

Addiction, co-dependent, obsessive, possessive, controlling has a block restraint. The golden mirror, self, self self-absorbed, narcissist, one sided relationship, love bombing.

And lastly, coffin. Here's the end endings that bring new beginnings, growth at change.

Liberation transition. So Mars is talking about how, you know, all of these things, where you were used, where you were lied to, where you were taken advantage of, you know, being in those really unbalanced relationships and connections, you're finally going to be brought into the understanding of that so that you can heal and released and no longer personalize the rejection, the abuse, the lies, whatever it is that you suffered through past relationships in your life. Also, somebody, Pisces, who really hurt you is still watching from afar. And I you know, we're going to pull more cars to see why that person is still there. You know, are they meant to come back in? Are you guys going to communicate and talk again? Is there going to be a second chance at this romance? You know, I'm not really getting too much information about that just yet. But Pisces, there's somebody who's watching you guys from afar. Now, those of you in committed relationships. You know, the decade has turned and the different challenges your relationships struggled with before. Those are a thing of the past. You guys are absolutely evolving into a brand new version of yourself.

So let's pull some tarot and Pisces singles. Yeah. It's the end of singlehood. You're meant to get into a commitment this year in 2020. You just needed to heal your emotional wounds and relate some of your own self-destructive behavior and just work on that. And you did. And now you are evolving. And Venus is a blessing.

Ace of ones. There's the new beginning. The new energy.

Yup. Look at there's death card.

Major change for you. Guy is in love and romance. King of Pensacola's. Some of you could involve an earth sign. Tourists, Virgos, Capricorn, King or one of those? Some of you could be a feierstein areas with both sides. Nine of one's. It's been a long journey. And look at that. You know, nine plus the ace here makes it 10. It's like a decade is coming to an end. And at this six, the Cubs. Yeah, there's that person from afar. Pisces. Oh, wow. I did I pull you guys. I did pull you guys six cards. I didn't mean to do that. HI-SEAS, but there it is. But Spirit. Overruled. So I'm like, why are my cards not fitting? Because I pulled an extra pair. All right. Pisces. Yeah. Singles out there. Somebody could be returning from your past. But as two kings, it could be two different people showing backup for you guys. Or it could be somebody showing backup from your past and you're about to meet somebody new. OK. After a long time of missed connections or being single or just, you know, really going through a lot of heavy situations and relationships. Pisces, all that, that's coming to an end. You singles, there's options on the table. Some of you this is somebody who's been watching from afar, from. They're connected to your past, especially with that six cubs sitting there. And some of you, you know, this could be a new person that's just kind of eyeballing you or that you are about to meet. But with the coffin and death coming out twice, it's the end Pisces.

It's the end of some old version of you and not the end is different, meaning for each and every one of you. I see it as the end of being single for some of you. I see it as the end of living separately. Now we're moving in. Some of you, it's the end of just dating each other. And now we're going to go to the next level and get married as some of you who are committed. The end is the end of this current version of you and your relationship. It's washing away because you guys, you're transforming into a much stronger, thriving, happier version and connection of yourself because you see the butterfly there as well. So you've got death, the coffin and then the butterfly. Something new is emerging. And this is a luxury Pisces. So this is all about your love and romantic situations. And also the two kings. I see you and this new romance for singles out there. And you guys are evenly yoked. It's equal mutual energy. You both are very grown and mature and ready to commit and put your energy and effort into a partnership equally OK. So singles, this is the year far of love and romance, some of you. This is a new person. Some of you. This is somebody that really screwed things up in the past. But they've grown and they've evolved. And there's been quite a bit of distance and disconnection between the two of you.

And they've grown and evolved. You've grown and evolved. And now Venus Transit, you know, Venus is transiting Pisces and it wraps up all those loose ends and allows us to come into all that evolution that we deserve, that we've earned.

And in that space, you're ready for true love, Pisces. You are ready for true love right there. And some of you, like I said, there's options on the table. There's more than one trying to come in and be your partner.

Ok. Let's pull one final card. Pisces.

This is Pisces. This is the card about relationships that are equal and mutual, not, you know, Paris cystic, where they're taking from you, draining you. This is a love that is so beautifully balanced and spiritual and heart based. And just like the two kings right there, whether you are committed, this is what you guys are evolving into with this transit and Pisces singles right here. This is a that's coming in this year for you guys.

So Pisces, beautiful messages with Venus moving into your side. She is definitely empowering you, getting you ready for real love, bringing you options of love and those of you who have been in these long term partnerships. She is taking you guys to the next level. So those are your messages. Pacey's. I'm wishing you all the best. Take care.


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