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Some Real Love Pisces - Heart And Soul

PISCES: Some Real Love Pisces - Heart And Soul

Hey, Pisces. This is day three or three hi, this is this is your weekly reading for January 10th through the 17th.

Let's jump right in with each other said nine today. The Rainbow 10th through 17th. What message do you have here for Pisces? Oh, it's going on.

It says maned female in house, but I'm going to shuffle me for Pisces. Some resident Venus sign Spiridon Asiatic moles. What message do you have here for my pacings this week?

High honors, breathing hard. I don't know why him out of breath. Thoughts? Someone is thinking of you and journey. OK. I feel like you're stepping into a new cycle or. There are some positive changes that are about to occur in your life this week. I feel like someone's thinking of you, OK? It may change the course of your journey. OK. Whoever this is, if you understand what I'm saying. I feel like there's communication or someone that wants to communicate. I feel like they think highly of you or they. Yeah. They think highly of you. OK. High honors there.

We'll see what this is. That's. These kinds.

Heart racing. For some reason, like I've been running. You can't make cars for Pisces. Civil rights have been signed. What is going on? January sent through the.

Sorry if I'm making all these noises back. I could feel myself doing it. It is the king of rods. This coming out here. I feel like there's someone that wants to take action. I feel like this is some one. This may be a Firesign Areas. Leo Sagittarius. Someone wants to come forward. Someone is here. That's what I'm saying. This person is very quiet. Or they're quiet toward you. Sorry for the pause there. It feels like they're looking. I'm looking at the cards. I was looking at me. You see me doing this. So apologize for that pause right there. But this cane here feels like he's thinking about something. This is. Someone that is known, someone that is. That may have power. So they feel like they're not going to totally step forward.

This is a situation that is going on here.

With the person. That's what I'm hearing. What are the blocks and obstacles to this chain of rights?

Being quiet, like, not showing their true feelings, there's some secrets. OK. That's the obstacle here. But they're just not. There's something hidden that this motherfucker. I don't know. It feels very mysterious. That's the word I'm feeling here. OK. The obstacle is that you can't figure this person now. OK. Give me my feelings back. Thank you. Can't figure them out. But they're vague. Being very distinct.

Yes. They're committal. Look.

I feel like there they are pro-middle with the piracy card. OK. I feel like they would be someone to settle down with here. That's what I'm saying. Or this is what you want. Here is a kind of coming out here. We're going to put this over by the high priestess.

This is what you want. You want commitment. You also want to open up.

To be up front with the higher fan card. OK. Pisces. I am back. Sorry about that.

So let me go back into those blocks and obstacles of feel like what the high priest is here. And the higher think card is an obstacle getting to know this person or getting through to this person.

Get in this person to communicate. And then this person to do something, OK? Getting to know them, they feel very mysterious.

For some reason here. What is on your mind here? Pisces love.

Page of Cupps as well. So in your what you want love. OK, you want to love. Offer someone to come in. Is someone new? This is. I feel like it's someone new. OK. The same same here. Foundation was the reason for the reading.

So many things and. That's what it is you want.

Ok, best that can be achieved in this circumstance here this week for you. Prices on partnership go forward and be determined.

Be continue to move forward. I feel like your gut somebodies. I feel something like an anxious feeling. I don't know why. It isn't H.S. feeling behind this chariot card. It feels like you want progress. It feels like you're gonna keep moving forward or keep trying to pursue someone. Pursue someone. OK, this is what I'm seeing here.

Yeah. Careful with the five of cups here. This is in your past energy, though, you don't want to repeat. That's what I'm feeling. Pisces. OK.

You don't want to repeat with the five of clubs giving too much to a situation before it even presents itself.

That's what I feel. Yeah. I feel like you want to avoid some sadness. This is what you left behind. You already feel like some of you have dealt with this already.

What's going on in the near future here for Pisces who continue to shine?

Look at all this yellow. OK, so it's not gonna be dark and gloomy. You are still the star. You're still beautiful. You have the queen of wands here. They want you to still be outgoing, fun, easy to get along with, focusing on your goals, focusing on your family. You focus on your growth, OK? This is how you're going to look in the near future. Look, you're gonna continue to move forward regardless of what someone else is doing, regardless, regardless if you get a commitment or something moving with a partner here or stability, I feel like you'll still continue to move forward with the chariot and the queen of rods there.

You want progress in one particular area, though? You want progress not in one particular area or multiple areas. Love and.

Career. That's what I'm saying with the wants here with the queen of rods.

The fire energy is about your career yourself development. But you wanted all you wanted at all. Let's just be clear. OK. You have the temperance card. Come again here. Woo, Sahar. I feel like this what they're saying to us. Pisces. OK, we'll sa. Kind of threw myself into the reading their team. OK, I'll come with you guys. Woo sa. OK, working on yourself. That's what it is. OK. This is how they're showing you. And I feel like you will have this energy this week. You may get off track a little bit. People may catch your interest. But I feel like you're going to stumble back in to working on yourself and just becoming the best Pisces that you can be this week.

You kind of focus this what I'm saying. OK. Look at that. Yes. As the king of swords pops out, look at you, OK?

This is what's your external influences? I feel like you're guarding yourself. Maybe other people coming in towards you, too. Or this is just the energy that you're giving out with the king of swords. OK, you're not moving in any. You're not giving more than what is deserved. Let me make that clear. OK, you're not giving more than what is deserved. You don't want to revisit this past energy of loss and sadness and disappointment. So you're checking this shit at the door home.

There it is. OK. What do you want? What is the likely outcome of this situation here? What's the likely outcome for this week for Pisces, 10 through the 17?

Much time.

Oh, I wish I could see me on the side of the camera. Look at the sun. You're going to be happy this week for Galan's, OK? You're going to go quickly. Oh, my goodness. You're going to move quickly through obstacles, some song just popped in my head. That's why I'm laughing here. OK. And I can't even get it out because I can't even say what this guy is saying is Travis Scott. What's the name of the song? I would just sink a little piece of it is she feels mom.

She fears my money and ideas.

I'm the highest in a room. That's what it is. I'm the highest in the room. OK. That's what you're going to feel like this week, that you're the highest in the motherfucking room.

Ok. Let's take a look at this love here.

Not these cards.

Let's go with these how things play out with Pisces and a lover.

January 10th through the 17th. Things play out what prices and I know there is doing my time.

You know, maybe expressing your love towards someone with the queen of cups or being very.

The queen of cups.

You're in a move with deep emotions this week. Pisces. But I do believe with the queen of Cups, you will pay attention to who you allow in your circle intuitively. OK, so you're going to be feeling things out.

That's what I feel with the queen of cups here filling out these relationships this week.

Two endings and new beginnings. That's what you're going for this week.

You're giving birth to new ideas. Are you Pisces? Look at Travis Scott song is stuck in my head, but the death card brings a sense of renewal or you changing.


So transformation. OK. See there, Brian, you you are you're doing something brand new or. Yeah. Just what I see here.

Maybe you're ending old feelings that you had or cutting out old feelings that you had for. Past lovers releasing that energy. OK. And looking towards new beginnings here, you're still guarding yourself, though, OK, I guess any function move.

Excuse me. That's what I'm saying. Funny stuff. OK.

New beginnings, that's what you want, you're going for it. That's what I see here is my phone. Sorry, you guys.

That's what I see here. Let's take a look at this a little closer. Positive changes are coming in towards you.

Is journey's about to change. OK. They. They. Goodness me. There may be an air sign involve areas. Leo Sagittarius. This may be just an action that you're taking. OK, you're turning your ideas in to success. Okay. And as part of your journey is it's time for you to leave the old and worry about the new.

That's why you have the death car here. Let's go in with the dub. Part of this is pretending to love.

I just told you, OK. Who is this? Who is this coming in here?

Maybe a Scorpio, possibly another water sign or a fire sign here. OK. Aerials, Leo Sagittarius S-Corp you have here.

But you are you're protecting yourself against false people. So I guess your message is to use your intuition. OK. And listen to your.

I'm telling all you guys. Listen to your gut instincts, seriously.

But the queen already gives us this feeling, gives us this energy here.

Pay attention to your dreams as well. You got a message someone wants to communicate with you. I think someone loves you. Oh, yes, that's what I feel. I just say 11:22 on here. You guys leave me a comment. What the hell is going on?

Ok, guys, getting hitched. OK. You're seeing new beginnings. I want to know. New partnerships.


We'll pick this up next week. Pisces. Thank you guys so much for coming back to what you're reading.


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