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Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast - Pisces 2020 - 2021

Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast - Pisces 2020 - 2021

How low my lovely pie seems and a very warm welcome to your annual horoscope. Twenty twenty to twenty, twenty one. Boy, is this one power packed planetary alignment year instead of the usual four eclipses.

We've got six eclipses and we've got many planets coming together. So it's giving you an opportunity here, lovely pie scenes to transform your life on every level. It's like an opportunity for an entire rebirth. It has alchemical chemical qualities where you can turn base metals into gold. So what are you going to turn into gold this year for yourself? Chi seun's. Don't worry about making notes of the dates because most of the dates that I mention will appear on the end of the video. The year starts out on January 10th with a lunar eclipse happening here in your house, in your house of romance, of love, of children, of self-employment. And on the 12th of January, just two days later, we've got SATTEN Conjunct 2.0, something that you may have been hearing quite a bit about over the last few months. So there's a big activation this year for you, Pisces between the 5th and the 11th houses.

So this 11th house strongly activated is all about people that you mix with your friends, your social circle. The community around you. If you've been feeling lonely and isolated, Pluto and Saturn, they're asking you, hey, do you want that? What kinds of people do you want to be around? And suddenly saying, why do you need a plan? You need to structure it. Pluto is also asking you to look at your fears. What are you afraid of when you connect with other people on a deeper level? It's about taking relationships deeper, relationships that might have been superficial for a while. You can go to a much deeper, more intimate level if you so choose. It's also taking a look at your dreams, your wishes. What is it you're hoping for? What would you like to manifest? And this polluter really gives you the power here. As long as you've got the belief it goes with it to manifest what ever you want. Nothing is impossible. With your finances, your work, your relationships, your family, your home, any of it.

As long as you're prepared to do the internal work so that the external world can magically transform.

On March the 22nd until July 2nd, we've got Saturn. Sorry, Saturn going this way into your 12th house, shining a light and same to you, lovely Pisces. Hey, make sure you get that alone time that you really, really need. And also maybe do something proactively about some of the interests that many of you have in this metaphysical area. Maybe resolve to learn astrology, to learn your chart in depth, begin to understand facets of yourself that you haven't understood clearly before. All look at tarot or crystals or any of these areas and stimulate that with action. Saturn very much wants action and concrete plans. Doesn't like airy fairy. April 4th, June 20th, November 12th, you've got Saturn. Sorry. Pluto and Schubert are coming together in this eleventh house. These two are a powerhouse. You might meet some amazingly transformational people, people who can really change your life maybe by going to a seminar or a conference, a workshop, just watching something online. You may just connect with a group of people who just really sweep you off your feet then wow. I'm feeling really connected to people who feel like they are my tribe. It's also this power of manifestation. Taking your power. You're a wonderful visualizer, Pisces. Visualize it, feel it as though it's already happened and you manifest it really with this aspect if you believe it. And if you have faith and your son is all about learning to have faith. May 13th to June 25th. We've got Venus going retrograde here in your fourth house. Venus retrograde.

It's not the best time for starting a new endeavor or starting a new relationship, but somebody from the past could well come back into your life. Venus retrograde here. It's about looking at your surroundings, your home. Is there anything you want to change? What is not giving you pleasure in your surroundings? Do you need to get the place painted? You need to live in it up. You need to de-clutter. Get rid of stuff. To make space for something new. June 4th, we've got a lunar eclipse happening up here in your tenth house. And June 21st, a solar eclipse happening here in this fifth. So this is shining a light for many of you on your life direction, your life purpose. Why do you want to go this year? Maybe you're confused. Maybe you don't know. This lunar eclipse may well show you what you don't want, especially with respect to work and career. Maybe it's time to make a change, to take a risk, to step out of that comfort zone. And this lovely solar eclipse in your faith can bring romance, can bring children to bring a marriage, can bring a new business for you, it's time to do something entrepreneurial, maybe to turn something that gives you pleasure into a moneymaking endeavor. These are all the possibilities of this new moon solar eclipse and your fifth. July 2nd to December 7th. We've got something going retrograde back into that 11th house. And on July 5th, we've got a lunar eclipse also in the 11th.

So this is very much stretching you and asking you, hey, which communities would you like to join? Would you like to start your own community? Maybe you're going to start a new project that will be very powerfully helpful for a cause that you believe in. It's a really good time for working on something that you truly believe in with all your heart, with all your passion. September 9th to November 13, Fagot Molls going retrograde. The best time for starting a new project, a wonderful time for completing more and getting it done, Miles is retro here in YOUR MONEY HOUSE. So maybe a good time to contemplate.

Have you been overspending a little? Have you been a little too precipitous with your finances?

What do you want to do differently when Mars goes direct from November 13? November 30th, we've got a lunar eclipse, eclipse happening here in your fourth on December 14th. A solar eclipse. So the eclipse is now affecting the fourth and tenth houses. Many of you might be considering a move, physical move, making some changes in some way to your environment. And just a certain restlessness may set in. You may also be dealing with certain issues to do with family and maybe even issues from the past that just need a light shining on them so that you can release them and see that this doesn't really affect you now in your life. And this new moon solar eclipse of the top of the chart. This is about you coming out, being seen. It could be a new career, new work possibility. And also, it's just it doesn't matter whether you work with baby or retired, you don't work. But just coming out a little more in the world and connecting with people in a new way. December 17th, we Saturn coming into the 12th on December 20th.

Jupiter coming into your 12th house. So this is a wonderful time to really expand your senses, not just the five senses, but your intuition. Knowing your knowing your psychic ability and if you might start channeling already developed that ability, it's good for any kind of psychology. It's very good for going deeply into the mind, for meditation, for yoga. All of these esoteric areas, for the balancing of the body and the mind and the inner self. So this is about you making sure that you work on your internal world, which many of you do automatically, Piscean is because you're so sensitive and you feel the external world so acutely, you need those quiet moments. And this is what the astrology is encouraging you to move towards. You might want to have a personal reading to look at how you can make best use of the planetary alignments coming up, maybe even a little playdough and channeling as well. Those of you would like it.


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