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Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast - Pisces 2020 - 2021

Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast - Pisces 2020 - 2021
How low my lovely pie seems and a very warm welcome to your annual horoscope. Twenty twenty to twenty, twenty one. Boy, is this one power packed planetary alignment year instead of the usual four eclipses.

We've got six eclipses and we've got many planets coming together. So it's giving you an opportunity here, lovely pie scenes to transform your life on every level. It's like an opportunity for an entire rebirth. It has alchemical chemical qualities where you can turn base metals into gold. So what are you going to turn into gold this year for yourself? Chi seun's. Don't worry about making notes of the dates because most of the dates that I mention will appear on the end of the video. The year starts out on January 10th with a lunar eclipse happening here in your house, in your house of romance, of love, of children, of self-employment. And on the 12th of January, just two days later, we've got SATT…

One is Walking Away Sad

One is Walking Away Sad
Overall, energy is a seven of wants 10 of wands, you may be feeling overwhelmed by someone right now, you may be blocking them or they may be blocking you. Might be a Taurus 6, a coin 7 of coins. You gave a lot in the past for wands. Hanged man. They're stopping to think about this page, a coin and the ten of swords under the deck. That is the ace of swords case. Might be a torturer or Capricorn. This person Mayfield's a foetid. Or they may say something that you feel defeated by a two tenths here, though. So this might be something that you don't want to pursue because you put a lot of energy into it in the past. Yeah. Tower Aissa wants with something. Is there something new? Does appear to be starting Justice Bubb of coins. OK, so some of you again may be feeling on the call because you did leave a relationship. I, like some of you, may have slammed the door in someone's face metaphorically. You are like done, like just completely done. Is wh…

Time to Let it Go

Time to Let it Go
Happy New Year to everyone. And a bit late, but I stroke my neck so I couldn't move for a couple of days. So that was really, really painful. But I'm a bit better now.

So let's just see what we've got going on for you guys. Forward. He said she said spread. I will have an extended meeting with more guidance so you can go and check it out if you want afterwards. So let's go ahead and get started. I'm getting a feeling that you guys are nervous about some kind of a decision. All right. And that could be work related or family related. There could be love related. All right. And I'm also getting the feeling that you and I love you in a love situation. You've been having a lot of obstacles with this connection. And it seems to me that you both are overcoming these obstacles. All right. It could have been a lot of tests. All right. Or you may be tested. Your commitment to this relationship is being tested at this point. All right. A lot of…

Workplace Drama Brings Unexpected Blessings!

Workplace Drama Brings Unexpected Blessings!
He points these folks who are fiston. This is reading from now I'm a bit late, I know, to January the 12th. As I was asking you if you like this reading, please like subscribe or leave a comment if you'd like to. So I'm going to start you're reading right now. I'm late, but it's here. So the false card you have you passed is the nine particles. So, yeah, this is interesting because this woman looks as if she's just relaxing. She's resting. She's in a garden and she doesn't have any worries, all that kind of thing. But I'm actually seeing something quite different here. I'm seeing determination thriving to get to a certain point, to get to a point in your life, to get to a goal. And I think this is the goal. You know, she's not striving. She's not determined, but she probably has been determined to get herself to this place. So. And that's where you are, you want to get to this pla…

The End Of Loneliness!

The End Of Loneliness!
Hi, Pisces, and welcome to your Venus Love Reading. This is for Pisces sons and Pisces of Venus's Pisces. Venus is moving into your sign on January 13th and she will remain there until about February 6th. So you guys are going to fill this the strongest. Venus is moving through to really awaken us in regards to love and romance. But bringing us to the completion of things, of understanding, of cycles, of relationships, of, you know, everything we've been working on over the last year romantically. It's time for the completions of those things. And for some of us, that means we're finally able to get over and let the past go to open ourself up to new love for others of us, you know, and especially those of you who are in committed relationships. It's, you know, where you are completing different life lessons you've been working on and, you know, clearing that, completing that so that you guys can evolve into a stronger version of yourselv…

Some Real Love Pisces - Heart And Soul

PISCES: Some Real Love Pisces - Heart And Soul
Hey, Pisces. This is day three or three hi, this is this is your weekly reading for January 10th through the 17th.

Let's jump right in with each other said nine today. The Rainbow 10th through 17th. What message do you have here for Pisces? Oh, it's going on.

It says maned female in house, but I'm going to shuffle me for Pisces. Some resident Venus sign Spiridon Asiatic moles. What message do you have here for my pacings this week?

High honors, breathing hard. I don't know why him out of breath. Thoughts? Someone is thinking of you and journey. OK. I feel like you're stepping into a new cycle or. There are some positive changes that are about to occur in your life this week. I feel like someone's thinking of you, OK? It may change the course of your journey. OK. Whoever this is, if you understand what I'm saying. I feel like there's communication or someone that wants to communicate. I feel like they think…

Pisces Mid January 2020

Pisces Mid January 2020
The nine of rorts giving one last try crossing use the ten tentacles to soul mate connection card setting down roots, family and your foundations. The three pentacle starting to build that foundation. Recent past is the three of us waiting for your ships to come in. And you? We have the Temperance Card, Sagittarius card of healing, moderation, harmony, angel energy. And your outcome will be the magician power of manifestation. What you visualize, you realize. So clarify these cards for places for the middle of January. The current situation. The Ace of cups. Beginning in love. So it's the night abroad, too. Giving it one last try for love. You're not giving up. You're looking for that new beginning and crossing. You have the last judgment. Carmen Destiny. It's a rebirth. So wake up call. So you have a ton of pentacle sets, a soul mate connection card, the family setting down roots. So karmically you're meant to be together and your foundati…

You Get Justice For This - Pisces

Pisces ~ You Get Justice For This
I knew I could do it to myself, but I really work on no limits.

Now, because it kind of does is try to tell you as a minister is out of gas, rising gas prices.

Welcome back to my chair. This is going to be a general reading for the son of Pisces. Prices have been rising in the north mood. Marines are timeless. One of your men to see this. Do you want to see it? Please follow me on my Instagram at lying intuitive, ma'am. Take taking personally now $45 for two minutes.

Everything will be below. Go ahead. Don't donate to the charity. Was will out the kindness of your heart? Okay. I'm shuffling up. I'll go ahead and say somebody is going about to apologize to you exactly.

About something that happened in 2000. That happened like last year. I bless them. I want to apologize for something that happened a long time ago. All right.

But check out my music if you haven't already. Yeah. Somebody betrays you by the use of my broken heart, and…

You Will Remember This Year Forever - Pisces 2020

You Will Remember This Year Forever
Pisces.  I hope you are well and this will be your reading in 2020. I am sorry that it took a while to write this. You know, holiday season can be busy for everyone, including readers. I've been busy with clients. So here I am. You are receiving this before the New Year's Eve, for sure. OK. So let's start. This isn't going to be a month by month reading. It's going to be a general overview, the beginning of the year, the middle of the year and the end of the year. And I'm also going to use La Naumann cards at the very end.

All right. So let's start, guys. Pisces. What can Pisces? You just got a Navy SEAL once and this is gonna be your first card. What can prices expect to happen in twenty twenty?

So far I'm loving it. Okay. 9F pentacle is at the bottom of the deck. Guys, this is beautiful. For those of you that have been searching for stability, financial stability, I want to say this could be a very, very good year …